How to Choose a Purifier?

It is important to decide what air contaminants or health concerns you want your Air Purifier to address. A well-chosen Air Purifier will filter out everything from basic allergens to tobacco smoke, viruses and chemical VOC's. However different units work better on different issues, for instance, one purifier might be excellent at removing bacteria and viruses, but be poor at removing smoke where another may be fantastic for asthma sufferers, but poor at removing of odours.

Targeting Tobacco Smoke

You should choose a HEPA air purifier that comes with a carbon filter. Carbon is the only way to effectively adsorb the smell of tobacco. As a general rule the more carbon in the filter the better the tobacco smoke removal. The Blueair Smokestop models are the best units for targeting tobacco smoke. The Blueair smokestop has almost a Kilo of carbon in the filter - vastly more than any other unit we have and when added to the HEPA silent Technology and superior CADR (clean air delivery rates), it is easy to see why Blueair is regarded as a top brand for the production of HEPA air purifiers.


Ireland has the fourth-highest rate of asthma in the world with almost half a million people affected by the condition here according to the Asthma Society of Ireland. There are various particles that can trigger an asthma attack, and most of these can be filtered out quite easily with a good HEPA filter like the Blueair. However, if you want the best possible chance of destroying ALL the allergy triggers then an Airfree air steriliser will be the most effective.

Hay fever

Grass pollen is the most frequent cause of hay fever counting for no fewer than 90% of the cases in Ireland. The good news is that a well-chosen air purifier will filter out pollen (all types) very easily. The trick is to ensure the air purifier is powerful enough to exchange all of the air inside your room through the filters at least 4 or 5 times an hour so you need to make sure the unit you choose has a powerful fan (to suck the pollens in) but is not too noisy. The most effective solution is to use a Blueair machine, which is very powerful, yet are the quietest HEPA units you can buy. Blueair units also have the highest CADR (clean air delivery rate of any Air Purifier on the Market.

Clean Air for New-born Babies and Infants

Airfree Air Purifiers are the best solution. These machines do everything more expensive machines do in addition to destroying all viruses and bacteria as well as the usual general airborne contaminants from built-up areas and road traffic. Airfree machines are also totally silent and have no ongoing filter costs. Most Airfree models also come with a built-in nightlight.

For Chemical Sensitivity

Chemical Sensitivity affects a great many people in Ireland. Blueair machines provide the best solution because they have the correct filtration properties to benefit anyone who suffers from chemical sensitivity often called MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). Blueair machines do not give off chemical gases and also contain large amounts of specially treated carbon to neutralise chemicals in the air.