Airfree Orb+ Air Humidifier in White

Airfree Orb+ Air Humidifier in White

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Product description

The Airfree Orb Plus is a compact and stylish air humidifier suitable for use in rooms sized up to 20 m². As a result, it performs well when used in small spaces such as bedrooms and studies.

Key Features

  • Inbuilt humidity sensor
  • 24-hour operation per full tank
  • Cool ultrasonic mist
  • Automatic operation mode
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adjustable night light colour settings
  • Compact and portable design

Automatic Humidity Control

As a direct advantage over many humidifiers, the Orb Plus features an inbuilt humidity sensor, which allows it to detect surrounding humidity levels.

Therefore, it can operate autonomously to maintain suitable humidity levels, either increasing or decreasing its output as required.

Ultrasonic Cooling Mist

Alongside maintaining air humidity, the Orb Plus helps to refresh the air in its environment. By releasing an ultrasonically cooled mist, it can imitate the feel of fresh air without the drafts and noise caused by open windows.

Efficient in Operation

Beyond its fantastic humidifying features, the Orb Plus is also efficient, and it uses only 18 watts of power. As a result, it’s incredibly cheap to run, adding to its portability.

Compact Design

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the incredibly compact travel-sized design of the Airfree Orb Plus, which makes it easy to fit into even the most cluttered of rooms.

The portable design is also compatible with standard size water bottles for convenience on the go. This additional compatibility is also a handy way to increase tank capacity whenever it may be required.

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