Airfree Babyair 40 Air Purifier & Steriliser in White

Airfree Tulip Babyair 40 Air Purifier & Steriliser in White

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Product description

The Airfree Babyair 40 is a very compact and effective air purifier, suitable for use in rooms up to 16 m² in size. As a result, it performs best when used in small spaces such as bedrooms and studies.

Key Features

Effective Contaminant Removal

The Airfree Babyair 40 excels at removing a range of pollutants from the surrounding air supply, and its unique design is ideal for destroying allergens and organic materials.

Therefore, it reduces the pollution levels of many common contaminants, including:

  • Dust, pet dander, pollen, mould
  • Bacteria & viruses

Thermodynamic Sterilising System

To remove such a selection of pollutants, the Babyair 40 uses Airfree’s patented and highly effective Thermodynamic Sterilising System (TSS) for ultimate air purification.

Used in place of a standard particle filter, the TSS draws contaminants into a ceramic core where they are incinerated at over 200°C, destroying them. The heated air is then cooled as it passes up through the Babyair 40 and is re-circulated into the surrounding environment.

Through the TSS purification method, the Babyair 40 can reduce allergen levels by up to 85% in 14 to 21 days, and it will maintain them as long as it remains active in the same space.

Convection Current Air Delivery

By using such a unique filtration system, the Babyair 40 can operate without the assistance of a fan. Instead, the TSS creates heat convection currents that gradually drag air into the unit at a manageable pace.

Therefore, it operates at a set speed that remains consistent and ensures optimal performance. However, as a result, the impact offered by the Babyair 40 is less immediate when placed in a new environment.

Generally, we feel that the advantages of noise reduction and a lack of replacement filters make that a bearable flaw, though.

Minimalist Interface

By nature, the Airfree Babyair 40 needs very little user interaction to be effective. Once plugged in, it will activate automatically, and it should be allowed to operate without any breaks for the best results.

Since it has no fan or filters, the interface goes beyond streamlined, and the entire unit features only one button to control the colour setting of the night light.

Quiet & Efficient

Beyond being very straightforward to use, the lack of a fan in the Babyair 40 allows it to be silent when active. Therefore, it’s suitable for use at night and won’t cause any disruption to the duration or quality of sleep.

Matching its silent noise levels, the Babyair 40 is also power efficient. When active, it only requires a maximum of 45 watts of power, which is crucial as it must remain active 24/7 to be effective.

Compact Modern Design

We also have to give credit to the incredibly slimline design of the Airfree Babyair 40. With a diameter of only 14.5 cm, it’s no challenge to find a spot to place it, and it has a very understated design to ensure it blends in.

Additionally, the compact design is very light, and it only weighs an astonishing 1.1 kg. As a result, the Babyair 40 is the most lightweight air purifier we’ve ever used, and it’s insanely easy to carry between different rooms.

Finally, at the top of its body, the Babyair 40 features a colourful night light. Soothing by design, the night light has ten different colour options to match a room’s interior. Alternatively, it can be set to random mode and will cycle between all the colours on a loop.

Lab Tested Allergenic Relief

Last but not least, the Babyair 40 has been subject to many independent tests across the world. Conducted by a multitude of scientific teams, these tests have examined the effectiveness of the Babyair 40 against many common allergens.

Therefore, it is scientifically proven to alleviate symptoms caused by strong allergies to airborne particles such as dust or pollen.

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