Duux Beam Smart Ultrasonic Air Humidifier in White

Duux Beam Smart Ultrasonic Air Humidifier in White

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Product description

The Beam Ultrasonic Humidifier by Duux is a stylish and powerful humidifier, suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, offices and shared spaces as large as 40m2.

Helping to combat dry air by releasing fresh moisture, this is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their indoor climate.


Key Features

  • 5L tank capacity
  • For rooms up to 40m2
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Self-regulating hygrostat
  • 350ml/hour mist output
  • Suitable for aromatherapy
  • LED Display
  • Detachable remote control
  • Duux App and Smart Home compatible
  • Quiet operation (37dBA)


Build Quality

The build quality is very solid, featuring a sturdy aluminium base and stylish, modern design which houses the display and internal components.


The built-in temperature sensor and self-regulating hygrostat ensure the air humidity level remains at the optimum level (between 40% and 90%), and the unit can output up to 350 millilitres of mist per hour. The anti-scale and anti-bacterial filter cartridges protect the unit’s interior and extend the life of the appliance.

Thanks to its separate compartment for fragrance oils, the unit is also suitable for aromatherapy and can fill your home with wonderful scents.


When the water tank is empty, the unit will switch off automatically to conserve power and inform you that it needs to be refilled via the display. The tank can be filled directly from the top for added convenience.

The LED display also highlights important information such as temperature and humidity, and a detachable remote (which rests within the unit body) can be used to control its settings.

Smart Home Compatible

Alternatively, you can use the Duux app, as well as voice commands through smart home systems from Amazon or Google Home to control the unit from anywhere with an internet connection.

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