Duux Edge 1500 Smart Convection Heater in White

Duux Edge 1500 Smart Convection Heater in White - DXCH13

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Product description

The Duux Edge 1500 is a highly capable smart convection heater, suitable for use in rooms up to 20 m² in size. As a result, it performs well when used in smaller spaces, such as bedrooms, studies, bathrooms or single offices.

Key Features

  • Powerful 1500-watt convection heating
  • Customisable thermostat temperature control
  • 3 pre-programmed heating schedule modes (Home, Office, Cabin)
  • Configurable 1 - 24-hour timer function
  • IP24 splash-proof classification
  • User-friendly LED display interface
  • Sleep-friendly night mode
  • Included remote control
  • Compatible with smart systems through the Duux app
  • Inbuilt child-lock and open window detection
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Matte steel and aluminium body casing
  • Stylish and slim design

Optimised Convection Heating

In order to effectively heat the space around it, the Duux Edge 1500 works by drawing cold air into its heating element through a constant convection current. This allows it to achieve a more even temperature throughout a room, instead of superheating only the area closest to it.

This convection heating design is then paired with a convenient thermostat control, which can be used to set the desired room temperature. The heater will then work to achieve and maintain that temperature throughout the room, making it easy to fine-tune to suit individual preferences.

Customisable Heating Schedule

For true user comfort, the Edge 1500 features a set of 3 pre-programmed heating schedules. When activated, these schedules will automatically set the thermostat to a predefined temperature based on the current time of day, allowing the heater to work autonomously.

The pre-programmed schedules offer 3 different configurations, allowing a user to select the schedule that best fits their lifestyle. The default modes available are:

  • Home
  • Office
  • Cabin

Out of these, the Home mode is designed to cater for a standard working household and remains cooler during standard working day business hours. On the flip side, the Office mode activates only on working days during business hours. Lastly, the Cabin mode sets a constant temperature for all waking hours.

Configurable Timer Function

Available separately from the schedule modes, the Edge 1500 also has a very flexible timer function. This timer can be set to either turn on or shut off the heater after the selected amount of time has passed. Making it easy to avoid unnecessary heating while remaining comfortably warm.

The timer can be set from a minimum of 1 hour up to a maximum of 24 hours. Allowing it to offer a lot of variety to suit a range of scenarios.

Smart Wireless Connection

To facilitate easy control of the Edge 1500’s functions, Duux has incorporated it into their smart app. This allows for it to be paired with any compatible smart device to be controlled remotely wherever and whenever. The smart app also allows for some additional adjustments to be made to the pre-programmed heating schedules.

As an added bonus, the Edge 1500 is also compatible with certain voice assistants, including Alexa and Google Assistant. Alternatively, it also comes with a remote in the box for a simpler approach to wireless control.

User-Friendly Interface

In order to effectively display its various modes and settings, the Duux Edge 1500 uses a LED display and a range of icon indicators. Each setting has a unique and intuitive icon, making it easy to see the current settings applied to the heater at a glance.

The interface also displays information on the temperature in the room and whether the heater is actively heating the air passing through it, or simply maintaining it. For sleeping comfort, the display can also be dimmed by activating the fittingly named Night mode.

Stylish & Slim Design

Alongside its range of advanced technical features, the Edge 1500 has also been designed to look like a next-generation heater. Slim, modern and very ergonomic, it fits in seamlessly with most home interiors and can easily be positioned in a range of positions without being obstructive.

Additionally, Duux has made it possible to either use the heater in a fixed wall-mounted position or freestanding depending on individual needs. It is also designed to last, and the outer casing is made primarily from steel with some aluminium accents.

Advanced Safety Measures

Lastly, we have to mention the myriad of safety features built into the Duux Edge 1500. First and foremost, it prominently features a child lock, which can be activated through the main interface, remote or via the app. When active, the lock prevents any settings from being changed until it is deactivated.

On top of the child lock, it also has an automatic open window detection programme, which causes the Edge to turn off if a temperature change of 5°C or more occurs within 10-minutes. This prevents it from unnecessarily heating a room and wasting energy. Although, it can be overridden if desired.

Lastly, it also includes an overheat protection system, a tip-over safety switch and an independent power switch. All of which are designed to reduce the risk of accidental harm in a variety of possible scenarios.

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