Winix ZERO Air Purifier in White

Winix ZERO Air Purifier in White

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Winix ZERO Filter A Replacement Filter

Product description

The Winix ZERO is a modern and stylish air purifier, suitable for use in rooms up to 99 m² in size. As a result, it performs well when used in larger spaces such as open-plan kitchen-diners, living rooms and offices.

Key Features

  • 4-stage HEPA and PlasmaWave air purification
  • Pollutant removal down to 0.3 microns
  • 4 fan speed settings (Low, Medium, High, Turbo)
  • Internal air particle sensor
  • H13 top-grade HEPA filtration
  • 3 timer settings (1, 4, 8 hours)
  • Automatic operation mode
  • User-friendly touch interface
  • Quiet in operation
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ozone free
  • Modern and attractive design

Effective Contaminant Filtration

The Winix ZERO excels at removing a wide range of pollutants from the surrounding air supply, and it can effectively trap particles down to 0.3 microns in size.

Therefore, it reduces the pollution levels of many common contaminants, including:

  • 5 dust, pet dander, pollen, mould
  • Odours, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), Smoke
  • Bacteria & viruses

Advanced Four-Stage Filter

To remove so many pollutants, the ZERO uses a four-stage method that starts with a washable pre-filter and ends with Winix’s unique PlasmaWave technology.

  1. Pre-Filter - Captures large dust particles and hairs to ensure optimal usage of inner filter layers.
  2. Carbon Filter - Reduces odours, smoke and organic particle levels.
  3. HEPA Filter - Removes 99.7% of all particles such as dust, pollen and mould spores.
  4. PlasmaWave Technology - Neutralizes bacteria, viruses and gases through the use of Hydroxyl ions.

For best results, Winix recommends washing the pre-filter every 14 days and replacing the carbon filter every 3 months. Finally, the HEPA filter needs replacing whenever the “Check Filter” indicator lights up on the interface.

Adaptive Sensor Technology

In our experience, the Winix ZERO’s four-stage system is incredibly effective at removing pollutants. However, it shines best when used in combination with the inbuilt particle sensor through AUTO mode.

When set to AUTO mode, the ZERO can independently alter its fan speed based on the detected air quality. Therefore, during periods of low air quality, it can increase the speed setting to reduce pollutant levels swiftly.

Additionally, the unit converts the air quality information it gathers into one of three levels. An LED indicator then displays the corresponding level by changing its colour to either blue, amber or red.

High Clean Air Delivery Rate

Rounding out the filtration package offered by the ZERO is the ability to alter the fan speed. There are a total of four settings available, and the highest level, “Turbo”, offers the best filtration performance.

When used on the “Turbo” setting, the ZERO can produce CADR’s of:

  • Pollen CADR: 246 m3/h
  • Dust CADR: 243 m3/h
  • Smoke CADR: 232 m3/h

Additionally, in rooms sized 99 m², it can complete a full air change in an hour. However, the air change rate will be faster in smaller spaces. For example, in rooms up to 20 m², it can complete five full air changes in an hour.

User-Friendly Interface

Through a combination of excellent design and modern technology, Winix has created an intuitive experience without concessions. Therefore, it’s easy for even individuals with no experience to get started.

The touch interface features an array of buttons for all the ZERO’s features and functions. However, despite the number of options, the interface remains easy to understand through clear labels and icons.

As a result, it’s easy to change settings for fan speeds, operation modes and timers or digest useful information about the surrounding air quality.

Quiet & Efficient

Beyond being easy to use, the ZERO is quiet when active. While operating at its lowest fan speed, it only produces 27 dB of noise. That’s equivalent to the sound of rustling leaves, making it suitable for use at nighttime.

Even at its fastest fan speed setting, it only produces 51 dB of noise, which is comparable to the sound of a quiet conversation. Overall, our experience has shown it to be good at staying quiet while it does its job.

Matching those quiet noise levels, the ZERO is also power efficient. When active, it only requires a maximum of 70 watts of power. As a result, it isn’t expensive to run, even for long periods.

Modern Design

We also have to credit the ZERO’s modern aesthetic, which is very clean and pleasing to the eye. Additionally, it offers top performance while remaining very slim and can easily blend into a room when placed against a wall without any limitations.

Certified Allergenic Relief

Last but not least, the Winix ZERO is certified by multiple industry bodies, including AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers), ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) and Allergy UK.

Therefore, it can b counted on to alleviate symptoms caused by strong allergies to airborne particles such as dust or pollen.

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