Blueair Blue Pure Air Fan in White

Blueair Blue Pure Air Fan in White

Blue Pure Fan Replacement Particle Filter

Product description

The Blueair Blue Pure Fan is a powerful air fan and purifier, suitable for use in rooms up to 28 m² in size. As a result, it performs well when used in medium-sized spaces living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

Key Features

  • Dust and pollen particle air purification
  • Patented cool air circulation technology
  • 90° air output range
  • 3 fan speed settings (1, 2, 3)
  • Quiet in operation
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ozone free
  • Modern and compact design

Effective Contaminant Filtration

To stand out from the crowd, the Blueair Blue Pure Fan offers an inbuilt filtration system. As a result, it can effectively trap particles of dust and pollen as they are pulled in by the fan, removing them from the surrounding environment.

This ensures that the cool air it projects out is clean and free from common contaminants that could otherwise trigger allergies or breathing difficulties.
When used on its top speed setting, the Blue Pure Fan can produce a CADR of 300m³/hr. Additionally, in rooms sized 28 m², it can complete three full air changes in an hour.

Advanced Cool Air Circulation

The Blue Pure Fan has been designed to quickly output cool air throughout a room without the need for an oscillating head. To achieve this, it uses a unique patented design that can project cool air across a 90-degree range.

Additionally, the inbuilt filtration helps to protect the fan itself, ensuring that it doesn’t become clogged with dust for consistent performance over time.

Quiet & Efficient

Beyond its ability to remove pollen and dust particles, the Blue Pure Fan is quiet when active, and even at its top speed setting it limits disturbance by masking the fan with white noise.

While operating at its lowest fan speed, it only produces 31 dB of noise. That’s equivalent to the sound of whispering, making it a perfect option for use at night time.

Matching those quiet noise levels, it is also very power efficient. When active, it only requires a maximum of 61 watts of power. As a result, it’s cheap to run, even for extended periods.

Stylish Modern Design

Finally, the Blue Pure Fan offers a compact and adaptable design, making it easy to place in all sorts of environments from hallways to worktops. This is also further supported by a helpful carrying handle, which makes moving the unit to different rooms very easy and comfortable.

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